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Here at Contender Esports Cary we are dedicated to building character and life skills development through productive video gaming. Our productive video gaming center is open from 12pm-12am Sunday-Thursday and 12pm-2am Friday and Saturday for open play. We host various workshops, track out camps, and tournaments. We as well have our own youth teams for serious gamers looking to play future collegiate or professional esports. Within our program we build and encourage sportsmanship, teamwork, creativity, personal growth, critical thinking and integrity. Contender Esports Cary operates by the core values: Team First, Customer Focused, Get Things Done, Goal Oriented, Innovative/ Continuous Learning.

We believe that education can and should be an enjoyable experience and there is nothing more fun for the youth than playing video games. We will introduce them to the early stages of IT, coding, video game design, esports, and more. We have a safe and family friendly environment. We take precautions by having a sign on the door asking people to wear masks. We also wipe down every station after it is used and do a full clean of the facility at least 3 times per week.

Caleb Smith (right) has been a lifelong gamer and athlete. His competitiveness led to him playing soccer overseas in Germany. Due to his love for video games he wanted to offer in video gaming what was offered in traditional sports. He truly believes in helping others and that he can grow and develop life skills in young people through video games.

Vinny Smith (left) grew up playing video games. It was his love for playing video games that turned his interest to learn how to design and program games. From this beginning, Vinny went on to earn a B.S. in Computer Science from the U.S. Naval Academy. While attending the Naval Academy, Vinny was a three sports athlete competing in football, track & field, and boxing. Vinny has a passion for youth growth & development through avenues like productive video gaming.

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Justin Mitchiner is has been a gamer his whole life and runs a social media company called Tech Spartan. Having such a great knowledge in esports he has taken on the role of sharing the success of Contender Esports Cary through digital platforms.