Andrew Mckee
so to get this started im gonna talk about 100 Theives Valorant team with hiko and 4 former PUBG pros.The team had very little wins under their belt and they kept getting stomped to the point where hiko had enough and took to twitter and called out nadeshot for not doing anything even hikos mom gave her 2 cents.Well as of this week nade shot dropped the 4 PUBG pros like a sack of patatos and just sighned Nitr0 to the team and is in the prosses of filling the other 3 spots

Now if i was making the roster and i had a blank check these are the guys i would pick

1.Skadodle every team needs a op player and thats what ska is right now things dont look to good for him over at t1 where they have no IGL but 100T would be a better fit becasue hiko wants to play with him and Nitro is the best and loudest IGL in NA which would be good for ska.

2.Simple every team needs a ace in the hole and i feel simple being the king without a crown could find that crown in valorant and with one of his closest friends hiko

3.Nothing im putting nothing on here because him and Nitro will round out the supports on the team letting Hiko,Ska and simple do their roles