Kyle Adair
During my time as an avid gamer I have experienced and come across alot of games of various genres that are pure gems. Some of the best games ever made. The truth is, you may not have ever even heard about some of these titles. All of which I hold in the highest regard as some of the best video games ever made.

1) Max Payne (1999)
Have you ever wondered what it would would be like to be apart of a cop drama and graphic novel? Max Payne is the cure to both. Taking place in pre-2000’s New York City, Max Payne is a decorated long time member of NYPD. However, after a new dangerous street drug called “Valkyr” sweeps New York Max must find the source of the trafficking ring and bring it down for good. With no shortage of bullet time and fast paced action. Max shoots first and asks questions later as he makes his way through the various crime families currently in control of New Yorks Trafficking ring.

2) F.E.A.R. (2005)
Welcome to the force soldier! You are a newly appointed Pointman of the First Encounter Assault Recon, special tactics unit. Tasked with investigating a private military and technology company known as Armacham who has been creating a race of genetically superior super soldiers all of which are collectively hive minded and share a telepathic link to the creator of their Biological Origin (Paxton Fettel) Your job is to enter and nutralize all armacham forces and bring Paxton Fettel to justice. Although things may not be so easy. With various enemies with modified reflexes and the ghostly entities of specific genetic experiments haunting the facility. You may find that you cant solve every problem with bullets.

3) Chronicals Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay (2004)
Who doesnt love the idea of playing as one of America’s most iconic action stars Vin Diesel? Well although there may not be any fast or furious cars to drive around in, Riddick is a entirely a force to be reckoned with in and of himself. After being captured (intentionally or unintentionally) by a galactic bounty hunter named “Johns” Riddick is brought to the most notorious prison system in the entire universe. The only prison nobody has ever escaped from, Butcher Bay. A final home to some of the most notorious criminals ever to exist. Sounds like something most people would try to avoid, but not Riddick. Making allies, Bargaining and trading supplies, and gaining trust of guards is only the beginning of what it will take to escape.

4) Shenmue 1+2 (1999/2001)
Although this game holds a very special irreplaceable spot in my heart. That being said I cant in good conscious use 2 seperate ranks for each game even though they are both absolute works of art. I also wont be making any mention of Shenmue 3 for pretty obvious reasons to anyone that has played or read reviews in regards to the 3rd title. Shenmue started out as a passion project from Sega Game Designer Yu Suzuki who wanted to not only create an immersive world and tell a compelling story, but also completely revolutionize sand-box style games all together. The concept of a sandbox game is not very uncommon these days. In 1999 however the idea of a game that you could “Go Anywhere and Do Anything” was not only unheard of but also considered feasibly impossible to accomplish. Yu Suzuki and his team hand crafted a work of art from the ground up and hoped to create the next wave of immersive story telling games. They succeeded in that respect but failed to meet sales expectations from what was at the time the most expensive video game ever made ultimately leading to Sega forever exiting the console market. I cant stress enough to anyone who loves story driven games. It is an absolute joy to partake in this revenge driven story full of Kung-Fu Action, Hilarious character dynamics and a truly immersive 1980’s Japanese Experience.

5) Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (1998)
This game truly needs no introductions. Favored as one of the best Zelda games ever made Ocarina of Time is truly a 90’s classic. Embark on a familiar tale of a young average boy who inhabits a secret villiage deep within the lost woods. An evil presence from Lord Gannondorf has overtaken the land and poisoned the hearts and minds of the worlds spirits. Clense the various corrupted spirits and defeat Gannondorf to save Hyrule from destruction. With an amazing soundtrack and beautiful pre-rendered texters and scenes. I would say that Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time still to this day holds up as the best entry in the Zelda Franchise.