Our youth team is designed to develop gamers skills with the main focus being teamwork and match play. They learn tatical skills such as communication and positioning. We teach them how to convert their individual skills (aim, hand eye coordination, etc.) into a match situation. We have them played ranked so they know where they match up against other players in the world. I have a saying “Everyone thinks they’re good until they get to the next level.” Our goal is to continuing to get our players to the next level over and over again.

The goal of our youth team is to have an academy level and a club level (or multiple club levels). Besides scrimmages and the occasional tournament we don’t put our gamers in leagues made by third parties. Those can be good competition and make a quick buck, but our goal is well beyond that. We put them in the leagues made by the gaming companies. For Overwatch it’s the open division. For Fortnite it’s the FNCS, Challengers Cup, Dreamhack, and more. Our goal is not for gamers to win a tournament and think they are really good. They do need the occasional confidence booster, but our goal is for them to know where they match up with the best players in the world. Those players are playing in those competitions.

Whatever someone’s goal is whether it be to play in college, professional, or just to have fun, we are here to help. Many young gamers want to be pros. Parent’s are constantly telling me that their children are wanting to be pro gamers. Another quote I have “Everyone wants something until they learn what it takes to get it.” It’s challenging to get to the top and takes lots of training and dedication. Everyone out there is wanting to make this their career, and there is a lot of competition to get to the top. This is the biggest benefit we offer. Our youth team gamers talk about how much they have improved. Even though they may get smacked in some competitions, their confidence grows because they are learning and getting better.