Over this past weekend July 31-August 1 2021, we had the pleasure of hosting the first ever Diabotical LAN in North America. Diabotical is a lesser known esport which looks a lot like Quake, but has a cartoon look similar to Overwatch. It was back in April when Damien, also known as P0ng reached out to Contender Esports Cary regarding running this event. I hadn’t heard of the game and knew it would be challenging to get people to come out especially with the state of COVID. Surprisingly we were able to get around 15 people here for the tournament. Players came from as far away as Texas, New Jersey, and we even an international player from Canada.

The SQUAWK LAN was a two day event which consisted of the North American finals for solos, duos and teams as well as other side events. The event was great to put on and the players really enjoyed it. We are in the process of working with P0ng again on another LAN for next year as well as many other LANs for later this year and next year. Stay tuned for more details and email us at info@cescary.com with any questions.