There is a very common debate concerning if esports are sports. My opinion is that esports are not sports. As a former professional athlete and a business owner in the esports industry I have taken both opinions. Soon esports will be considered a sport in electronic form but currently it is played while seated and mostly stationary.

The definition of sports is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Due to this definition esports is more mental and not so much physical. In the future with the rise of VR, esports will then have a more physical attribute to it and will become a sport.

The last point to add is that esports is a category just as sports, arts, and music are categories. Within esports we have sub categories such as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBAs), shooters (which can be broken down further to first and third), sports games (Madden and FIFA), and more. I honestly wish people would stop trying to categorize esports into sports and realize that it’s in a league of its own and is just fairly new. Professional sports have been around since the 1920s whereas professional esports began “officially” in the early 2000s. Understanding that professional sports took a long time to generate the revenue it did, esports will no doubt be at that level within the next 20-40 years.

I’ll even add in a bonus as if I think esports should be in the Olympics. My answer is yes. Sports are seeing a drop off in viewers due to them mostly being people that are 40+ years old. Whereas esports viewers are much younger. I personally have watched less than 10 hours of sports this year and have easily watched over 100 hours of esports. The new generation isn’t that interested in sports anymore and especially during the lockdown most of us were watching and playing video games. When sports returned, they were so challenging to watch because there were no fans as opposed to esports where we are used to watching players that weren’t in stadiums full with thousands of people.

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