The new Fortnite Season kicked off March 16th and there are a lot of new aspects added to the game to think about. This season is feeling a lot more like save the world(the campaign/ co-op mode) rather than a battle royale. We now have 2 different types of weapons; mechanical and primal. You can craft these 2 different types of weapons by collecting a certain material by harvesting different materials or by trading gold with a NPC. Personally I am not a fan of this new aspect of this battle royale but I see what Epic Games is doing with it. They are trying to reduce RNG for off spawn loot, in chapter 1 of Fortnite players would get randomized loot at a variety or rarities but with this new system of upgrades and side grading of weapon and increasing the loot pool they have eliminated the need to search more chests to get more loot but to find the best place to acquire materials for upgrades.

At the start of Chapter 2 Season 2 of Fortnite they added “mythic weapons” the guns were overpowered and gave an unfair advantage to a team in fights and rotations. Some notable weapons added were the minigun, grappler, drum gun, and most recently, the drum shotgun. These weapons make the game tough when a player gets an unfair advantage based on where he lands, not his aim, mechanics, or game sense. To be instantly killed or to have your position stolen by a team led with a mythical item is very frustrating. It also does not help with epic games lowering the prize pool each tournament we play, it is leading to a lot of high level pros moving on to other games or on with their life which is always sad to see.

I would say to fix this season and change fortnite for the better. First, I would remove mythic items and the characters that drop them, change the amount of ammo in makeshift shotguns (currently 2) to 4 and I would make it 100% chest spawn rate. If epic games did all of those things the season looks like a lot of fun and people will continue to grind and try to compete at the highest level. I’m looking forward to see what epic games does with the rest of the season.