At Contender eSports we offer a variety of games that can be played, though for a select few titles we offer workshops. These workshops are designed with the intention to bring out hidden potential from players like you. Flourishing their skills in said games and helping build other vital skills that can be translated into real life. This is especially true for our younger gamers who come in. I am the Minecraft instructor at Contender eSports. I hope to accomplish many different goals with those who come in for the workshops. Some of my goals is to be able to build not only their skills as a gamer, but help work on their communication skills; their ability to work with a team; bring out their leadership skills; even help build their character. I always tell parents when they come in to ask about the workshops that while the kids come into essentially play Minecraft, I would hope that they would leave out the door that day learning something new and are excited to come back the next time to continue on with that momentum. I strive to keep them entertained while also giving them tips on anything they need whether in game or in real life. I want myself and the rest of the Contender staff to be seen as all of their big brothers and sisters. One major and more personal goal for me also is to make the workshops and the facility as a whole a safe place for anybody with an interest in gaming especially the kids.