Peter Brunton
Ori and the Blind forest is a beautifully designed game created by Moon Studios, the game features a small likeable spirit destined to save his home from the oncoming calamities that have fallen upon his forest. This adventure based platformer is not only visually stunning, but also hosts a plethora of ambient music that draws the player even deeper into the world. The game guides you through its immersive story through intense puzzles and quickly scaling skill development, all while maintaining a vibrant art style. Moon Studios released the game back in 2015 where it received Best Debut at the Game Developers choice Awards. While Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps have been the only games developed by this Austria based gaming studio, they show such amazing aptitude in their games that we can only eagerly await the release of future games.

Playing such a refreshing game helps alleviate built up stress from grinding competitive games, while also keeping one’s attention honed and well practiced in precise timing as well as reactionary game play. The game also features challenges that help build decision making, yet isn’t overwhelming to the point that it discourages its players. Simple games that are able to distract the player from their stress or anxiety are often overlooked next to their vastly different competitive gaming counterparts. The simplicity of finishing a game that left an impact on you whether it be; the story, gameplay, art, or music is something most gamers should try to add to their schedule. As well as some kind of physical activity, such as taking a walk or even just lifting weights at home.

The overwhelming joy we feel when we first discover our favorite video games are what molded most of us into the competitive gamers we are today, but through this competitive nature we all latch onto, we often forget about the amazing memories we made with friends or even by ourselves. It is seen time and time again when pro players are temporarily, or sometimes permanently dropped from teams, and the outcome of the interview after their return is generally the same. It’s so easy to be sucked into the conundrum of constant routine that your heart falters and you forget why you are pouring your soul into a game that doesn’t even feel fun to them any more. Yet it’s this simple ambiance of simple games that sometimes brings your reality back into perspective and recharges your drive to push yourself to do better and to be better.