I am a huge believer in giving more than you take and helping others grow. I want to see the esports industry grow and improve from the grassroots level all the way to the professional level. I and Contender Esports Cary look for meaningful and beneficial partnerships to continue to grow the esports scene in the Triangle. We regularly host tournaments, most of which are done by outside tournament organizers, educational workshops and offer a fun place for gamers to come and hang out. We are always about continuing to increase our value. Because streaming is a large part of esports, we want to offer that to our community which is why we partnered with Justin Mitchell aka GoGo POWERUP.

POWERUP is a full-time streamer, content creator, and former music artist. POWERUP can be found on twitch.tv/gogopowerup. In addition to promoting Contender Esports Cary on Twitch and running streaming, POWERUP hosts special events with the first being a Back-to-School Bash full of music, tournaments, pizza, and more. We are excited about the future of the partnership with POWERUP and other influencers in the community.

Instagram: @gogopowerup
Twitter: @gogopowerup919
TikTok: @gogopowerup
Twitch: @gogopowerup