What is it?
We’ve all been there before, you’re playing your favorite video game, and whether it’s a tough level or a bad teammate you hit the point of frustration that just makes you want to scream. You become so angry or upset with a game that your performance declines thus the term “Tilt”. It can’t be helped as it’s often getting past these points of frustration that make a game worth playing.

How to deal with it?
What do you do when you get to the point of frustration where the game just isn’t enjoyable anymore and you’d rather walk away than keep playing it? It’s tough but sometimes that’s exactly what you have to do. Take a break just like anything else in life. Play a different game or get up and walk around for a bit. You should always be playing for fun and when it gets to the point of anger sometimes walking away can be the best thing for you.

For me, it’s always been helpful to focus on improving at the game rather than winning. I have found that when I simply just focus on winning I’m over critical of my self and anyone else in my game and it becomes very easy to get frustrated but when I take the time to focus on concepts and improving I don’t mind if I lose or my team doesn’t win as long as I was able to make myself better. You can’t control others so there is no point in worrying about what they are doing so instead just focus on what you can do and take the time to try and enjoy the game. Sometimes though it’s just the best to simply walk away and play another day.