Over the past weekend we hosted the AGN hybrid CoD and R6 tournament. While it was a great event, I and the entire staff only talked about how toxic it was. Previously I wrote a blog post comparing esports to sports and how it was similar and different. While I was right in my assessment, this event opened up my eyes to a new form of toxicity. The toxicity I was used to was 10 year olds screaming, slamming their controller and telling someone they are bad. While I’m glad that there were no racist, sexist etc. remarks, it was annoying that every few minutes I heard you suck, you’re dog water, sit down, and more with curse words added to them. This is what we aim to prevent by educating people at a young age on why this isn’t right behavior.

In traditional sports while we do witness trash talking, cursing at teammates, opponents, and officials, it was nothing like what I experienced over the weekend. Someone would beat another person and completely go off. Trash talk in boxing and MMA is nothing compared to how the gamers were acting. The easy fix to this is adding a referee who will filter this. They will let you get away with some trash talk as they should, but it will not be to the extent it currently is. I highly suggest this is added because rage and toxicity are two of the biggest issues people (parents) have with video games. Others include it being anti-social, too much screen time, etc.