I’ve wanted my own esports team for a while and many people had been asking me if I was going to start one knowing that I am building a gaming center in Cary. For a long time I was hesitant because I was occupied with Contender Esports Cary and wasn’t really sure how to go about doing it. Over time as I learned more and built my network I spoke to owners of Charlotte Phoenix, Triangle Delta, and Nfinite. They are all based in North Carolina. I learned a lot from them and from studying The pro teams I knew about the struggles that came with owning an esports org. I played soccer growing up and after graduating high school I played three years in Germany. None of that would have been possible without a proper youth system. While I grew up in one of the best soccer areas in the country, when I went overseas to Europe (I have been to England and Portugal as well) I discovered how much better their youth programs were. In America we play youth soccer, go to college, then go professional. In Europe they play youth then go straight to pro. They don’t even have college soccer like we do in the states. Back when I played soccer there was the Carolina Railhawks professional team (now North Carolina FC). As well we have many colleges and youth teams. There was CASL, Triangle United, Triangle Football Club, and many others. Many made partnerships and now most are under NCFC. There were also many camps to attend as well to develop my skills. I realized that with building a gaming center I am in a great position to pursue an esports org. Our youth academy is for gamers ages twelve and a half to eighteen. The goal is to develop these gamers to go straight to the pros and play for major esports orgs at the Fortnite World Cup, Call of Duty League, etc. During the shutdown I had lots of time to plan this out and create an affordable program to produce elite gamers in the Triangle.