Being a business owner in the esports industry, a lot of people had been asking me for a while if I was creating an esports team and after so many people asking me I decided it was time to take action. I have always loved video games. My favorite games growing up were FIFA and Halo 3. Once I heard about esports I fell in love with it and spent a lot of time researching it and watching twitch. My favorite game to watch is Rocket League and when getting on twitch randomly Fortnite is the go to. I heard about esports teams and saw it was the new trend and what makes esports possible. I realized that the Triangle lacked esports teams with there being very few. Owning an esports organization was something that I always wanted to do and I love the area (raised in the Triangle) and want to see esports boom and thrive in the area. In order to do this we need teams and facilities. Contender Esports Cary are located in Cary, NC which is right outside of Raleigh. We have many tech and gaming companies facilities and headquarters here including Epic Games. This is the perfect area and by creating an esports pro team, youth academy, and offering coaching and other types of training we at Contender Esports Cary are preparing to take advantage of the rapid growth to come with esports. In a later blog post we will talk about what we are offering in more detail with each individual activity we have in place.