We partnered with a local LAN center in Cary to offer our coaching. Due to unprecedented events the LAN center opening has been delayed multiple times. We have a great staff of quality coaches that are dedicated and excited about the opportunity to work within the grassroots of esports. We offer a wide range of esports for one-on-one coaching. We offer top esports such as Fortnite and League of Legends, new esports such as Valorant and esports that are less mentioned such as Madden and Hearthstone. As well we offer coaching on streaming which is how many esports pros make extra income and where many influencers make their mark. I know many parents might ask why their children should receive coaching in a video game. The reason is it is the same as sports. The mass majority of children that play sports never make any money. A few receive collegiate scholarships, but within esports there is money to be made every week starting at the age of 13. There are many tournaments held locally in the Triangle that offer cash prizes. As well there are online tournaments. Local schools such as Wake Tech and Barton College offer esports and scholarships. While the larger schools such as UNC and NC State have not gotten official programs yet; they have very strong and committed esports clubs and groups.

While the entire organization at CVS Esports is very passionate about bringing this to the community we are going online like many companies have been forced to. Once the LAN center is complete we will immediately offer coaching there. We will also offer a special perks for those who signed up for the online coaching. The price of the online coaching is less and when they transfer to the LAN center they will keep paying the online price as a thank you for being there at the beginning. Esports training can easily be done online. The main difference between online and LAN is the equipment that we offer through our partnership with Contender Esports in Cary. We will also be hosting tryouts for our youth academy and will begin that as soon as we have access to the LAN center and enough participants. For more information regarding our one-on-one coaching please contact us at training@cvsesports.com.