At Contender Esports we happily partner with other organizations that share our same vision. As recently as January we partnered with XP League for their use of our facility. XP League is a youth esports league for elementary and middle schoolers that place high value on learning sportsmanship qualities through gaming. The company is headquartered locally in Raleigh, North Carolina. XP League started by being run out of Code Ninjas locations but are now expanding to different locations, ours being one of the first outside of Code Ninjas. Cary is the third local installment of XP League with both the Holly Springs and Wake Forest locations being run out of their respective Code Ninjas.

This partnership has been a great experience for both Contender and XP League. It allows the XP League teams to experience a true gaming atmosphere and the ability to engage with others that have similar interests. Seeing their practices and games brings an exciting atmosphere as well as being able to see the teams’ improvements firsthand. Aside from the kids participating, I am able to work with great volunteer coaches, parents and the league commissioner, Olivia, who has been a blast to work and game with. I am lucky to have the luxury of partnering and working with another local start up in the same industry. Everyone in XP League from the owners to the kids are great people who I have had the privilege to be around.