League of Legends

Peter Brunton


Avid traveler and Esports enthusiast, Peter Brunton, also known as Ignis has had a love for competitive video games ever since he was a young student. His competitive nature first came to light when he discovered Super Smash Brother Melee tournaments, and quickly grew when he would later join F7 gaming group. Although F7 has since disbanded it introduced Peter to contacts at Hi Rez studios where he would studio test games in development and provide feedback for their upcoming release. It was through Hi Rez that he would learn of a game in development named League of Legends, and roughly 2 years after League of Legends release he found himself playing with close friends. While at the beginning he found himself playing mostly casually he would soon branch out into ranked. But later he caught wind of the League of Legends World Championship and League Championship Series (LCS), enthralled by this high intensely level of competitive play he pushed himself to be better and to be more active in the community. Just last year in 2019 he was invited as a guest to attend the LCS Finals between Team Liquid and TSM.