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Contender Esports Cary | Fortnite Youth Team

The Fortnite team will be playing in the National Esports Championship League (NECL).

While it is open to all ages under the age of 18, the typical age of players competing is 8-14. More information here.

Competitions will take place on Saturdays at 12:30pm. View the schedule here.

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Youth Teams


Quinton Meagher (aka Quinster) – Coach

Hey everyone! My name is Quinton, I am 21 years old, and was born in Denver, Colorado. I moved to Cary, NC when I was 7, so I call the triangle area my home.

When I moved to the area, my new neighbors lent me their Nintendo 64 console as a housewarming gift, and that’s when my passion for gaming truly began. The first game that I played was a Diddy Kong Racing game, and I was absolutely hooked. After my experience with the console, I decided to look up games on my laptop. I found a game called Roblox, and casually played the game throughout my childhood. In this game, I developed geometry skills, architectural creativity, and even fundamentals in Lua programming. Eventually I moved up to the Gamecube, and I would compete against my brother and friends in all sorts of games, whether that was Metroid, Need for Speed, Mario Kart, or Super Smash Bros.

By the time I was 12, I was competing online in popular Xbox titles such as Call of Duty. I would play in online open-bracket tournaments and wager matches against other serious competitors. This is when my passion for shooter games truly developed. Eventually, I switched to PC gaming and haven’t gone back since.

Nowadays, I am a student at NC State University and still play games competitively in my free time. The games that I currently compete in are Fortnite and Valorant. I genuinely enjoy reaction-based shooter games because they require such intense hand-eye coordination and vital communication skills. The hand-eye coordination has helped me in other areas of my life, such as learning musical instruments. I attribute a lot of my success with instrumentation to my lifelong experience in video games. I also attribute my ability to communicate in business scenarios with my communication skills that were built in my many years of gaming.

I am passionate about teaching the ropes of gaming to the youth because of how much it has impacted my life. I feel as if gaming has shaped me into a better, more balanced individual, and I genuinely believe it can do the same for so many other people.

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